Information Processing and Information Technology Services

Your company's technology is the key to your success. Therefore, you need systems that will help you reach your business goals. Premier is here to ensure that your technology can handle everything you need it to do. Contact us today to learn more about our impressive suite of information processing and information technology services for businesses.

Help Desk & Service Desk

Premier maintains on-site teams of help desk professionals who support organizations with thousands of end-users and a large variety of computers in various operating environments running diverse sets of software. Using well-qualified staff and help desk techniques, we are able to resolve most hardware, software, and networking issues during the initial call more than 85% of the time.

Large-Scale Software Applications Development

Premier's software application professionals design and develop complex database programs using Java, J2EE, Cold Fusion, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, C, Clipper, C++, Oracle, Sybase, dBase, Informix, DB2, or any of the other COTS applications, including graphical user interfaces and major relational database management systems.

Information Assurance

Premier's IA professionals provide a wide range of services related to applications; operating systems; physical security; networks; risk assessment; critical infrastructure continuity and contingency planning; emergency preparedness; security awareness and training; and certification and accreditation services to civilian and defense agencies.


Network Engineering

Premier's network engineers design, implement, and manage complex local area and wide area networks, including secured communication systems based on operating systems such as Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Banyan Vines, and long-haul communications. We provide expertise to ensure LAN/WAN systems are secure and free from unauthorized access. Our security experts work on sensitive LAN/WAN systems that are vital to our national defense relating to internet, computer, and communications security.

Systems Administration

Premier's professionals provide a full range of administrative support services to an organization's critical infrastructure. We support Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms. Our services include the support of mainframes, client servers, SAN, and web services integrated into complex infrastructures vital to our national defense.

Systems Engineering

Premier's engineering team provides a full range of support services to an organization's critical infrastructure. Our staff supports Windows, UNIX, Linux, and AIX platforms. Our services include support related to data recovery; backup; help desks and call centers; Windows; UNIX; Linux; AIX; LAN/WAN; security; training; information assurance; information management; mainframes; legacy mainframes; client servers; NAS; SAN; and web services. Our services and solutions improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business practices, in addition to enhancing the embedded security controls within the related information technology process.

IT Product Sales

Siemens - RUGGEDCOM Products

RUGGEDCOM products provide a level of robustness and reliability that has set the standard for communication networks deployed in harsh environments.

These products are part of Siemens' industrial communication networks portfolio. They offer extreme temperature ranges, zero-packet-loss technology for immunity to high levels of electromagnetic interference, and Enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (eRSTPTM ) for ultra-high-speed network fault recovery.

RUGGEDCOM products can be found in mission-critical networks used in the electric power, transportation, and oil and gas industries.